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If Disney Villians Became Hipsters….

I’ll be honest…..I’m part hipster at heart. Sure, I pretend to loathe the “too cool for you” attitude, skinny jeans, and fancy beers that hipsters love so much. But deep down, I think hipsters are awesome. And oddly hilarious….and their fashion sense and ideology make for some really great Photoshop opportunities

For example: What if Disney Villains threw away their bad-guy personas and focused solely on making the hero feel like an out-of-place, uneducated, lame, follower of the mainstream?

Behold, “Hipster Disney Villains”, courtesy of!  Check out a few of my favorite Hipster Villains:

Hipster Cruella: (maybe if she had been a vegan, she wouldn’t have given me nightmares!)

Hipster Scar:  (apparently, Scar was more pissed off at the music industry than he was a Mufasa….)

Hipster Hades: (Sure, he’s the god of the fiery Underworld, but Hades’s  far too cool to dance at a show)

Hipster Queen: (even evil witches know that organic apples are better for you)

Hipster Ursula: (she may not take pity on Ariel, but she feels for those with poor musical tastes)

Who’s your favorite Hipster Villain? If you could hipster-ify any of Disney‘s big bads, who would it be?

Check out all of the images here:  Hipster Disney Villains Are Way More Underground Than Hipster Disney Princesses – Urlesque.

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