Football & Free Chicken!?

Honestly, the one major sport I don’t care about is football. If there’s a lockout next season, it doesn’t really make a difference to me either way.

One thing I do love? Chicken. Especially if it’s free chicken! Buffalo Wild Wings is currently running a promotion called “Save Our Season Petition“.The deal is, each person who “likes” the petition on Facebook “signs” the petition, which is supposedly sent to the NFL in support of ending the lockout. If the labor dispute is resolved by July 20 (the day players are supposed to report to training camp), you get a coupon for 6 free wings!

The deal makes sense because BWW does  a lot of business around major sporting events. With huge televisions broadcasting several games at once, guy friendly food, and drink specials on game nights, losing football=losing a lot of money. Like most restaurants and businesses around the US who depend on income from football fans, I’m sure they are watching this one closely.

So get clicking on the link above and get some free wings!!!


2 comments so far

  1. chris comack on

    BWW is important because their wings rock and no bad words have been spoken about their trivia… except when someone loses to someone sitting in their party.

    • TBD on

      …just because I always win don’t be jealous.

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